The Thrill Of Adventure Skydiving, The Experience Of A Lifetime!

by: Quintin Craig

Is there really any other greater thrill than skydiving? If you really think about it, the answer is definitely no. Some people jump at the chance to skydive, while others break out into a panic attack at the thought of meeting their fear of heights. Skydiving is something everyone should do if given the chance, and once you experience it, you will never regret your decision.

Adventure skydiving always starts out as a nice idea, and usually doesn't develop past that. In fact you may not even realize what you're doing until you actually step out of that plane and feel yourself fall with the wind. Standing in the doorway, you feel secure as your feet seem firmly planted on the ground. The equipment on your back weighs you down and it seems like free falling into sky isn't something that could realistically happen. Then you lower your goggles, the instructor gives you the signal to jump, you take a deep breath, then you jump into a world of heart-racing free-falling adventure and rely on nothing but your parachute to land you safely on the ground.

Once you start falling at a constant speed (about ten seconds after jumping), you'll experience a sense of relaxation as you take in all the beautiful colors circling on the ground beneath you. You could almost reach out and touch the clouds, and this is probably as close to heaven as you are going to get. You feel the wind blow through your hair and for a second, you think that there is no greater experience in the world. You realize that adventure skydiving isn't so bad - in fact, you can't wait to do it again!

No matter if you've never stepped in a plane before or you're a pro when it comes to jumping out of planes, there are locations available all over the United States for adventure skydiving. You will undergo many hours of extensive training if you're new to the world of skydiving, and your instructors will ensure you are absolutely prepared to make the jump before you even take off into the sky. You will have to receive medical clearance from your doctor, and those with certain heart and blood pressure conditions, neurological disorders, or diabetes will not be allowed to skydive. Keep in mind that most skydive facilities reserve the right to refuse service to anyone if they believe a medical or mental condition will impair your safety. For those who have braved the free-falling adventure before, you will have to go through some refresher courses with a certified instructor prior to your jump.

Nearly every state in the country has an adventure skydiving centre, as well as several foreign countries. Depending on the location, prices for a single jump range from $15 and up, but often you can receive a significant group discount if you jump with other people. Most first-time jumps are performed Tandem, meaning you will jump attached to your instructor and the handling of the parachute, steering in the wind, and landing are all handled for you.

If you have ever thought about adventure skydiving, then chances are there's no reason why you can't experience this ultimate thrill. Don't spend your whole life wishing you would have done it - instead, show off those pictures of you flying through the air for years to come!

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Finding the Right Activewear For Your Workout

By: lukedavidson11


Most people either run outside or run on a treadmill. Whether you are doing one or the other really makes no difference in terms of what style of activewear clothing you choose to utilize. Your going to want to dress cool, so wear moisture-wicking material if it is a hot day outside or if you are going to the gym. Colder days usually require a hooded sweatshirt and a stocking cap, but don't overdo it because you might cause yourself to overheat. Loose or tight fitting activewear really matters little when you are running or walking, as it is more just a matter of personal preference. You'll also want to make sure that you are wearing the correct type of shoes for the way you walk or run. Wearing ill-fitting shoes can only lead to reduced performance, sore joints, and blisters on your feet.


When you find yourself going out for a bike ride that is to be your daily exercise, you are going to want to don tight-fitting clothing, as it will make you more aerodynamic and allow you to peddle your bike easier. Compression material will also prevent chaffing that could occur from loose-fitting clothing constantly rubbing up against your skin. Just as is the case with running, you're going to need sunglasses and sunscreen if you plan to bike outside. Finally, wear socks and shoes that are comfortable to you, as you are going to be using your feet a great deal when using your bike.


For weightlifting, you'll probably feel more comfortable in loose fitting clothing, simply because you want free range of motion in both your arms and your legs. Tight-fitting activewear, like you would wear when running or biking, is not a good idea for weightlifting, as it can restrict the natural movements necessary to properly lift weights. This could lead to a great deal of injury if the proper procedures are not followed. Comfortable shoes are also important, especially if you are going to be doing lower-body lifts. There can be a lot of pressure on your ankles and feet, so wear well-cushioned, supportive shoes and thicker socks.

Boxing/Martial Arts

If you're partaking in a sparring session with a friend or training in mixed martial arts, loose-fitting activewear is going to allow you to move about freely. However, moisture wicking material is also particularly important, as these two forms of exercise usually produce a tremendous amount of body heat. Moisture wicking material will help to regulate your body temperature and keep you cool when your body begins to overheat. Many athletes also choose to wear compression for these types of activities to the amount of leg movement that is occurring at any given time.

If you are trying a new form of exercise, always err on the side of loose-fitting clothing. It can be slightly cumbersome in some situations, but it does not restrict movement quite as much as tight-fitting activewear will do. Being properly dressed for your next workout will help you to increase your performance and get maximum production out of your body.

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The Winter Olympics...

NBC paid tons of money for its exclusive rights to broadcast the 2010 Winter Olympic Games from Vancouver, so who could blame that network for promoting them as vigorously as it is? In fact, since the opening ceremonies last Friday night, it's been mostly Olympics most of the time on all of NBC's affiliates and cable channels, including the Weather Channel.

The later has stationed one of its most popular daytime personalities, Stephanie Abrams, in Vancouver. She's there, along with the Today show's Al Roker, Matt Lauer, Meredith Vieira, and Ann Curry (among others) to cover the games. Even NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams has been temporarily transplanted from his Manhattan studio to Vancouver to bring us the evening news, with Olympic coverage typically woven into nearly half of it. 

Despite all of this wide coverage, however, I doubt that a whole lot of Americans (or at least in amounts that NBC was hoping for) are tuned in. I'm not watching the Winter Olympics myself, and I don't personally know who anyone else who is watching. I suspect that many Americans are like I am – they just casually follow the events, checking the results and medal counts in the newspaper every morning.


Because the Winter Olympics are boring. Sorry, but other than hockey, I just don't consider most of that stuff to be spectator sports. There're just unwatchable to me. I doubt that I'm the only one who has such difficulty sitting still to take in this stuff. And I bet most Americans can't even identify some of those sports. Curling? (Is that something they do with their hair?) Luge? Skeleton? (In the their closets?) Short Track? Nordic Combined? Moguls? I thought moguls were people who make tons of money in some kind of business like the movie industry.

Americans love their football, basketball, baseball, auto racing, hockey, golf, and (to a lesser extent) tennis. Those are their core sports, and it's difficult for other things to break through and capture their collective imagination. Now, granted, youngsters in America also like soccer. However, once they hit puberty, most of them become disenchanted with a game whose average final score is 1-0. Besides, soccer just seems so … so … so foreign. I think that may be the root problem with most of the Winter Olympic sports.

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Sports Equipment Bags Increases the Convenience of Team Travel

When it comes to sports teams, it's almost a certainty that they'll travel frequently for competitions and games, and that each team member must carry certain belongings and equipment for the trips. Sports equipment bags provide an easy way to carry these belongings while also building team morale. Team logo bags are duffle bags or other similar bags with a printed team logo. Sometimes even the players' names and numbers are printed on the bags.

When traveling overnight or on a day trip, many sports equipment bags have plenty of room for a uniform, personal hygiene items, shoes, and even protective gear. Team bags come in your team's colors and have the logo custom printed professionally to give a uniform look. Team bags are often made of very durable materials to prevent wear and tear for the active lifestyle.

Who Uses Team Player Bags?

Any sports team or scholastic team can benefit by using team player bags. Team bags are designed to fit any need. Those involved in active sports such as basketball, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, and football can use sports equipment bags for local games or games that are played in other towns. Either way, the duffle bags are convenient for keeping all their necessary items for the game.

Swim teams can use team logo bags for their swimsuit and gear. Some swimming team bags are designed to be water-resistant and include a wet pocket. Those who take gymnastics classes can use team bags to keep all their gymnastics gear. For lacrosse teams, there are special team bags made with a Velcro section to carry a Crosse. There are also special "Crosse" logo bags made to accommodate two Crosses. For cheerleaders, team bags are designed for various levels of competition. Hockey players can benefit from specialized hockey stick bags or hockey garment bags.

Team bags are also convenient for non-sports teams or clubs such as chess clubs, honor clubs, beta clubs, science teams, and college fraternities.

Finding the Right Sports Equipment Bags for Your Team

Before buying sports equipment bags, consider the quality of the bags first and foremost. Bags for sports teams should be made to withstand frequent carrying and use. They should have reinforced stitching and be made of thick, durable material. Buy team logo bags that are appropriate for your team's sport. The bags should be large enough to accommodate your team's usual gear and a few personal items. Look for your school or team colors, and be sure to provide a clear copy of your team's logo for quality screen-printing. If ordering online, consider the screen-printing set-up charges as well as shipping. These can greatly affect your final cost when ordering, but you can find good deals and even save money with some Internet companies. Many sports bag printing companies offer a quantity discount, so be sure to check out the specials before choosing your bags.

When traveling, team logo bags can help all your team members feel a sense of belonging and help boost morale before each game or competition. You can order the logo bags online with just a few easy steps. Check out the types of team bags available for your particular sport so you can start boosting team spirit today!

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