May 2011 Newsletter

May 2011, Issue #204

Mr. Versatility

During his playing days, he was known as "Mr. Versatility." In 1967, for example, he played 70 games at third base, 64 games in center field, 36 games at second base, 10 games in left field, 9 games as the shortstop, and 5 more games as the right fielder.

All this moving around didn't seem to hurt his hitting much. He managed to finish in the top 10 in runs, hits, doubles, triples, stolen bases, on base percentage, times being hit by a pitch, and sacrifices that year.

On September 22, 1968, he took the mound for the Minnesota Twins and pitched a scoreless first inning, striking out Reggie Jackson in the process. He then went on to play a different position each successive inning. By the time the game was through, he had become the second player in Major League Baseball history to play every position in a game.

Cesar Tovar could do it all.

For a dozen years, he impressed his teammates with his defensive skills and frustrated opposing pitchers with a wide range of offensive tools. Barry Moore, Mike Cuellar, Dave McNally, Dick Bosman, and Jim "Catfish" Hunter all lost bids for no-hitters to the pesky bat of Tovar.

Mickey Lolich and Bill Freehan have a different memory of this dangerous opponent. On May 18, 1969, Lolich was pitching for the Detroit Tigers. Bill Freehan was catching. Rod Carew and Cesar Tovar were running them ragged. In the second inning of that game, Carew and Tovar combined for five stolen bases. Carew stole second, third, and home. Tovar swiped third and home ahead of the speedy Carew.

This not only set a record for the most steals by a club in one inning; it was also only the second time in Major League history that any club had stolen home twice in the same inning.

Tovar's middle name was Leonardo. In my humble opinion, it was an appropriate middle name. In many ways, Cesar Tovar was the daVinci of baseball.

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