Is there a minimum order?
We require minimum orders of 6 bags.
We service team, interscholastic, intercollegiate programs and are unable to accommodate customizing a single bag.

How soon till I get my order?
Orders are ordinarily shipped no later than 3 weeks after we receive it?

Who pays for shipping?
You do – but those costs are determined on an individual order basis – according to the weight of the order and the FedEx zone being shipped to.

We are Repeaters – do we pay for the screen charge again?
Nada – Nay – No. Once is enough for anybody!

What’s a 3 color bag?
It’s very, very cool……………includes 2 team colors – and we recommend a third color handle strap –making it a 3 color bag – and when you add logo and number it becomes awesome!

Can I have names on the bags?
You can if names are no longer than 26 letters! But there is an additional charge of $8.00 per bag –because it’s additional work. Names are 3 inches in height.

How do we pay?
Because all of our work is custom – we require partial advance payment. You may pay with credit card, PayPal, or electronic check.

What is the difference between heavy canvas and nylon?
It is a matter of preference for most athletes – the durability of canvas is great.
Cordura nylon is the material luggage is made from – it offers waterproof qualities that are critical in some activity, i.e. aquatics.

Are you guys any good?
We are the best in bags! Beyond compare! Better than rocky road ice cream!

I gotta Problem!
Let us know immediately – we can fix it! Well if it’s a bag problem we can fix it.


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